Infinity Martial Arts 

Since my child has started at Infinity, I’ve noticed a major improvement in his discipline.  He’s still a work in progress, but even his teacher at school has told us he has improved in keeping his hands to himself and listening to instruction.  He shows far more self-control.  I truly believe that his Martial Arts training at Infinity will help him develop into a strong leader throughout his life.  (Little Dragons)

Since starting Martial Arts DaMaryon and Khalil behavior have improved.  They are doing better in school and starting to listen more.  They are improving their mentality and strength of each other.  I’m so proud of them.  They are doing very well for themselves.  (Little Dragons)

He is learning how to be more serious, follow directions and the ability to focus better.  He really enjoys coming to the dojo.  We had him in three other sports and this one is the most beneficial / enjoyable.

Bring a part of this class I’ve noticed a calmer demeanor in him.  He’s eager to come to class on Saturday mornings. This is his first extra-curricular activity and I’m glad he adjusted so well.  He feels as though he’s a part of a team.  (Little Dragons)

Ever since my daughter became a little Dragon she is learning to focus more, not just at home or school but everything that she is involved in.  She is also becoming more athletic which is helping her to build her strength.  As a parent, I’m thankful for a positive learning atmosphere where the classes are fun while instilling discipline at the same time.  (Little Dragon)

My daughter is so much more confident since joining Karate.  She really enjoys coming and has made some great friends.  I’m very happy we made the decision to put her in Karate.  (CN Karate)

Since starting Karate, Devontae has shown better self-control in regards to his temper.  He has more confidence in himself, more focus in school, and at home.  Devontae is highly intelligent and is sometimes ostracized by his classmates. In Karate class, he feels a part of something and he is less upset by the children in his class at school.   Since beginning Karate, there has been a noticeable difference in the number of altercations he has had at school.  Karate has made Devontae proud of himself and his accomplishments.  (CN Karate)

Since starting Martial Arts Armani has started paying more attention at school and home.  His behavior also has improved.  The teachers and I are extremely happy / proud of him.  (Little Dragons)